Texting in Relationships – Does it lead to better communication or miscommunication?

Today, I am sharing my proposal for my #BCM240 digital media project.

I am aiming to evaluate the effectiveness of texting in relationships, and whether or not it truly assists in the communication process. My research will be inducted via interview – This in relationships ranging from new and young partners, to those who are married, engaged, divorced and adults with new partners. My results will be presented in video form, and will include a ‘voxpop’ style of my tenets responses. I will also include an infograph of the results and share this right here on my blog.

Questions I will be asking my interviewees:

How often do you text your partner?

Do you show affection through texting?

Have you ever had a fight through texting?

Has texting ever led to miscommunication?

Do you believe your partner is different through texting, compared to when you are together in real life?

Have you ever gotten mad or annoyed that you partner hasn’t text you, and the day is almost over?

This research is based on research already conducted by Joshua R. Novak , Jonathan G. Sandberg , Aaron J. Jeffrey , Stephanie Young-Davis in their article The Impact of Texting on Perceptions of Face-to-Face Communication in Couples in Different Relationship Stages; as well as research conducted by Christine E. Murray , Emily C. Campbell in The Pleasures and Perils of Technology in Intimate Relationships.

Media: Mobile phones (texting)

Audience: People in relationships.

Place: real life communication vs communication through cyber space.


One thought on “Texting in Relationships – Does it lead to better communication or miscommunication?

  1. In a previous relationship, a misunderstood text lead to quite a big blue. There was no foul meant though through a simple misunderstanding on my behalf, I was left feeling wounded and unwanted. It would have been better to have a face to face convo or a phone call. I was however at work so texting was the sneakier option of communication. All was fixed when we explained what we each meant in person.

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