Is the movie theatre a waste of time and space?

I love going to the movies, not only to watch an exciting new movie on the big screen, but also as a night/day out to experience something new and eat lots of popcorn with people I love.

I remember when I was young, being taken to the movies every single school holidays by my dad along with my three best friends where we would first eat Maccas, watch the latest movie together, have some cinema treats and then have a sleepover afterwards… this is one of my fondest memories about going to the movie cinema and one that I will always associate with this space.

Today, my family and I still go occasionally however I go on a more regular basis with my boyfriend. We love it. It is a chance for us to leave our usual space and do something together. I know a cinema isn’t really a place for talking or catching up, which is why I wouldn’t really recommend it for a first date, however being in someone else’s company and experiencing the same thoughts the film gives you is a great feeling. We laugh and cry at the same time, and I think that is something that can bring people closer together.

Last Saturday night I actually visited the movies with my Mum and younger sister. Dad was away and my other sister Abbie was at a party, so we had a bit of a girls night out. We went to United Cinemas Narellan, and we sat in the recliner chairs which is always a treat. I sat between the two and we all brought an extra jacket simply to put over our legs to keep warm during the movie. We watched the new movie staring Meryl Streep (I forget the name – oops!) The movie itself wasn’t too bad, however I would have never picked to see it myself. The fact that I got to spend time with my family and share an experiences together was the best part. Being invited to the movies, with a physical lift and free ticket allowed me to easily accept the offer and make the trip – fitting into Hagerstrand’s theory constraint, the first being capability. I was physically able to go to the movies, with no other plans and easy access.

Due to the fact that my mum invited me, and were going together, allowed for the theory of coupling to come into play. Once again it was an easy decision, and an easy venture to the cinema. I didn’t plan to go, so I didn’t need to ask people myself, the offer was right in front of – who can turn down popcorn and choc-top anyway!?

Being that we watched a ‘grown-up’ movie late at night, there wasn’t any children which is always a positive! No annoying laughs, or people on there phone. It was actually a pleasant experience… well up until I had to pee! Probably my biggest pet peeve about going to the movies is having to go to the bathroom after sculling your coke, and needing to squeeze past everyone and miss part of the movie. Either that or you miserably hold it for as long as you can, uncomfortable and unable to even concentrate on the movie. These are the moments where I truly cherish my pause button on the foxtel remote (and the fact that I don’t have to say excuse me to every second person on the way out.)

Foxtel, Netflix and technology in general I belive has had a major affect on conema attendance, and will probably continue to affect its popularity in the future. I honestly believe though that cinema going will never go out of fashion or get too boring. I love it and so does everyone else I know, so I think the excitement of going to the movies will never die.

What do you think?

Em x


2 thoughts on “Is the movie theatre a waste of time and space?

  1. I agree that Foxtel, Netflix and the general advancement of technology has had a major affect on cinema attendance. By placing Hägerstrand’s three constraints on many families in society today it is clear that the cost of tickets, the luxury of your home (especially when you need to go to the bathroom after sculling you coke) and the accessibility and convenience of any movie literally at your fingertips makes it hard for individuals and families (especially the younger generations) to endure the cinema experience. Although I don’t believe cinema will ever die out completely and the excitement of going will still always be present I agree with Luke Buckmasters statement that “Australian cinema is still big, it’s the audience that got small.”

    1. Love that last Quote! I completely agree. I will always love going to the movies – but it’s definitely a planned event. I’ts not as easy as sitting on your lounge and choosing any film you want. Convenience versus experience I think! What wins?

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