This is my space. And YOU are my Audience ~

Welcome back to another semester of you having to read my blog about the media and the exciting things that it brings to our contemporary world. Most readers of my blog are fellow BCM/Journalism students, so an introduction as such isn’t entirely necessary… but just to refresh your mind I am Emily Bradwell and I am an aspiring Journalist. My major is marketing so I’m sure I can paint a pretty okay picture of myself and make media space seem particularly intriguing… which no doubt it most definitely is.

My Media space, as to most other’s revolves around social media. To me social media not only creates a once un-imaginable and idealic platform for networking and of course social engagement, but it also brings people from all over the world of any geographic, financial and environmental situation together. To me my media space involves researching, learning new things, interacting with old, new and current friends, tweeting and retweeting, hashtaging, and capturing memorable moments and posting them on Instagram to let everyone know just how exceptional my life is! LOL.

Media, for the most part, has always been apart of my life, from bebo and MSN even getting my very first mobile at the age of 9; the online and technological world has evolved immensely and was quick to become an everyday action.

Whether I am having a good or bad day, whether I am standing in the pouring rain, or sneakily playing on my phone at work, no matter what physical or not physical place I am in, my media space and my audience within that space is constant.

Em x


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