Interview and Focus Group Trial!

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The last blog for the semester is here and its all about, yep you guessed it, research! In preparation for our next assignment, a research paper on an aspect of the media. Todays blog will be a discussion on a trial interview, shall we say, for the real deal. My last blog was a basic literature review that will help myself and my group gain an understanding of the research question we will be asking. Our research question thus far is based around media bias, and how different news corporations report differently on the same event. The interview questions trialed today were a good indication of how we need to tweak and re work the question for the real focus group. It was however great practice for what we will be actually doing within the focus groups.

Where do you source your news? TV was the most popular, followed closely with the Internet. However the girls in my group said they don’t particularly plan to sought news from the Internet, it is almost an unconscious experience. Now that social media is such a prominent feature of news telling, stories are so quick to be reported. The type of news most mentioned were that published on Facebook pages or Twitter feeds.

Between abc, channel 7, and triple J radio, what news medium to you believe is the most accurate? Abc was a popular choice due to the fact that participants found it more accurate, believable and free of commercialisation. Abc in most opinions was the most objective, solely concerned with telling the news rather than telling a good story.

What source of news do you believe reaches audiences the fastest? Again social media was definitely the most discussed forum. We discussed the Kenya University shooting that was all over the news a few weeks ago and how each person found out about it first. Social media was definitely the top answer and others said online articles in general.

When asked if they needed to visit another news source in order to clarify the information, most said no as they followed credible sources on Facebook, or had a credible website as their computer home page.

Do you think this has an impact on accuracy or bias? Again, the girls in my group based their sourcing of news on what they believe to be credible sources. However they were both aware about that fact that many sources are bias, and that it can affect the truthfulness of the story.

Do you believe there is a relationship between age and the source most preferred by these users? Personally, I think definitely. Both of these girls are under 21, so social media played a major part in how they source their news. This can be seen as a reflection on age and the generation to which they grew up in. social media, and the online world in general is so significant, and plays a crucial part in everyday life. Thus it is expected that this form of news is where younger Australians find out about news stories first.

In the real focus group I think we need to specify the questions a little better, and narrow down the possible answers. For example we need to be clear about which news channels we are comparing, and then further compare with a news event.


2 thoughts on “Interview and Focus Group Trial!

  1. I think you’ve chosen a really interesting research topic. This is personally something I’ve never really considered before and it will be interesting to see what your results tell you. Your questions are well presented, clear and concise. From them, you should get the answer you’re looking for. I particularly like how you’ve identified the aspects you need to improve on for the focus group. Great work!

  2. I’m really interested to see how your research turns out – it is definitely an interesting topic to discuss especially since there are so many different news corporations around. This blog post is well set out and it is very clear to see which questions you have asked in your interview. I like how you’ve included areas that you think you need to work on for your research topic, I’m sure the final product will be great! Well done

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