Media bias? No, never!

Bias amongst media outlets is a very fore coming concern in today’s Journalism practices. It is evident that amongst different broadcasting avenues i.e, (channel 7 compared with abc) bias within these newsroom effect the way the news is presented and the credibility of a particular story. For the major group research paper we will be digging deeper into this issue and relating aspects of bias to a particular news story, and then comparing how to news forums have reported the issue.

Todays I will be conducted a short literature review/analysis of research paper on media bias by Utilise, a credible blogged aimed at providing articles for university students in particular. The article is simply called ‘Research paper on media bias.’


The purpose/context of the article is clear in the title; To analyse media bias in the reporting of the ‘difficult battle in planning the budget in relation to taxation and spending cuts’, as well as the appointment of jack lew as treasury secretary. The paper focuses on the differences in which the same issue is presented between the NBC news corp, CNN and Fox News a fairly left-wing bias compared with a right-wing preference and then an accurate or unbiased version. Essentially bias can influence the extremity of the situation and can even distort the message in such lengths that the real message is not even clear.

The article itself has no political motivation or other motivation for that matter for it to be bias, so it is a very objective research paper aimed for the utilization of University students. Thus the author and topic position is credible and objective. The piece is written by an unknown free-lance journalist as a part of a Utlist, a ‘trusted provider of academic content.’

Key values and assumptions: the main conclusions given were that bias has a very crucial impact on the way in which news is presented to us. In this article it was proven that the NBC news and Fox news were both very bias, with apposing views, when delivering the same story. CNN however was much more objective, accurate and justified and allowed for the audience to make up their own, well-informed opinion. It is thus important to look at who is telling the story, what background bias the media has, what sources are used to form the story and who is being quoted.

Proof/evidence: The evidence used to back up the information presented was well credited and referenced at the conclusion of the article. He quoted aspects of news coverage from all three organization when evaluating how biased was used (or not used) to portray the message. For example when making the point that the CNN was more unbiased in contrast to fox news and NBC, the author used an example from the coverage ‘The facts of the story are clearly stated such as in the follow passage: “The president will depart the White House at 10:50 AM, and his remarks in Norfolk will come a little after 1 PM,” (CNN).’ The full reference list was included at the end.


Audience: the audience is clearly aimed at students and/or anyone studying media bias or researching the media in journalism. It is a fair a justified article that clearly shares the facts about bias in media and references this with a specific news stor(ies)y.

Organisation: the layout of this particular article was very clear, with standout headings that categorise each topic/subject the author wanted to discuss. In saying that, although the heading allowed you to navigate the material that was relevant to the reader, information under each category was in one big block paragraph. This made it a little confronting and hard to read, and the main points within the subheading were not highlighted.

To conclude, a quote from the article sums up the main points mentioned extremely well. ‘NBC news will provide a very left of centre outlook on all of the nation’s political stories that it posts, Fox News will provide a very right of centre outlook on basically the same stories, and CNN will provide a very factual account that is a very neutral version of the actual event or issue.  It is extremely important for a reader to remember this when they are encountering a new event that is breaking in the political news world.’



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