Researching Research

Woohoo! First blog back since semester 1 last year! In this post I will be talking about what media research is and what aspects of the media I would love to eventually research! Research is an exceptionally broad topic, and often difficult to academically define, however it is an essential skill in everyday life. Any body can research. Anybody can ‘Google’ a word they don’t know the meaning to, or the reason why you have a tooth ache, or whether your favourite band is playing in Sydney this year or not. However Academic and scholarly research is slightly different than hunting down where Kim Kardashian gets her makeup done (sorry gals.) According to Berger (2014), research means “to search for, to find.” Scholarly research is a lot more systematic and professional than everyday research and requires critical thinking, a lot of time and direction. It is much more objective and requires a more crucial element of truthfulness according to Mckutcheon. The research process as described by Mckutcheon includes seven steps: Observation, initial data gathering, theory/hypothesis formulation, further data gathering, qualitative, Quantitative and Deduction. Qualitative research covers a more broad and informative research techniques including Journal articles, literary reviews, experimentation, surveys, interviews and much more, in order to grasp a large and more valuable amount of content. Quantitative. Research refers to numbers and statistics and is quite a bit more limited than Qualitative research. Untitled All research begins with a vast capacity to read. Without reading not only will you not be able to come up with ideas and new ways of thinking but you simply won’t be able to acquire knowledge, facts, and supporting documents that will strengthen your researching. Below is a model illustrated by the Missisipi College explaining the research process. Untitled.pngm Google (as we all are surely aware) is an exceptional platform in which we can access articles, blogs, journals and of course social media. Social Media is HUGE aspect of everyday research, life, communication, news, information and socialising (duh! SOCIAL media.) Thus, speaking very broadly (and I will probably refine or even change my course of thought later o in the semester), I am choosing Social media as an aspect of the media in which I will research more thoroughly. I’m going to read extensively, find statistics, ask critical questions and conduct surveys. WHY is social media important? HOW does social media interfere with the way you find things out, meet up with people, do your homework or change your perspective on things? WHAT is your preferred social media platform and WHY? Social media sites such Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Youtube and Pintrest have millions of active users who acquire information immediately- faster now than conventional media (ie, Newspapers, TV etc.) It is no wonder that social media is becoming a primary avenue for news. I am yet to decide what angle I will explore within social media, but nonetheless I will research the implications and benefits behind this world-wide news, informational and social platform! So watch this space 🙂


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