Abbies Place

Abbie refers to ‘the gym’ as her place. Her safe place. Her happy place. Her peaceful place. Her Challenging place. Whenever she has the chance she escapes to her local gym in order to escape reality and unwind with a bit of exercise. She Cant go more than a couple of days without going to the gym – so when it came to picking a subject for this assignment I knew I had to portray abbie and her connection with the gym.

“Something about putting in my earphones, blocking everything out, and just running – trying to meet a new goal each time.”

It doesn’t matter whether she is by herself or with friends, an hour at the gym allows her time to think, reflect on the day, clear her mind as well as getting seem physical activity.
A healthy lifestyle is extremely important for Abbie, not only eating healthy drinking water and working out, but setting and meeting goals and challenging herself is something she believes contributes.

It was challenging trying to record a sound through the chatter of people, background music, huffing a puffing and the noise of the machines – however I soon realised all these components truly grasped the essence of the gym in it’s purest form.

“It’s true – a healthy body is a healthy mind.”


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