What are the Media being blamed for today, and is this justified?

The media can be blamed for many things in this day and age. Why? Because it’s a medium of communication that claims to tell the truth, document news around the world, provide and distribute information that is universally accessible and creates a platform for discussion, the sharing of events, and the opportunity for opinion through social media outlets.  So when the question is asked – what’s something the media is blamed for? One answer can be that the media sensationalises events beyond measure.

 Something happens somewhere in the world such as a brawl or ‘punch up’ at schoolies in QLD… the media addresses it, its on every news channel, clips are played in the adds between TV shows (which quickly becomes the subject of family conversation), the news is played on the radio every morning for a week and soon enough kids start asking their parents why it happened and where. From early ages the media, and consequently parents place a perception of schoolies in children’s minds. I have first hand knowledge of this as my parents did just this. Going to Queensland for schoolies was a bad idea, it was dangerous. Coincidently Queensland is where I went for my schoolies and was it half as horrible and dangerous as the media made it out to be? No way! My experience of schoolies on the gold coast was a place where thousands of kids hung out everyday and partied every night. Kids! NOT criminals.

 The Media has been sensationalising Gold Coast schoolies for years by playing clips every year during this time, depicting what bad event(s) happened at schoolies, who was killed, how many people were taken away in ambulances and what was vandalised.  This article from 2003 clarifies this notion -http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2003/02/24/1046063964549.html  Quickly this news becomes a massive deal. ‘QLD schoolies is the WORST place to go.’ ‘NEVER let your children go to Queensland for schoolies.’ ‘If your children go to Queensland they WILL get hurt and their drinks WILL get spiked.’ Never is schoolies shownon television for all the good things, like teenagers celebrating the end of chapter with their friends, a week spent away to relax, have fun and go to the beach- An escape from reality. Yes of course bad things do happen, but bad things can and do happen everywhere and anywhere.  Consider this article from the Sydney Morning Herald. Where do they get these statistics? http://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/schoolies-get-what-they-want-booze-and-risky-sex-20111112-1nd2c.html

 The media is the first avenue in which information, (like the schoolies phenomenon) is blown way out of proportion and in a way fabricates true events. Like schoolies, episodes are being exaggerated out of scale by the media leading people to believe certain events are far worse than they actually are. So yes, I do believe the media is being blamed for creating an unnecessary falsification of events, which I think can be justified through my own experience. This blogger I think also agrees with me→ http://www.mamamia.com.au/parenting/schoolies-buying-morning-pill-think/



Sydney Morning Herald- Jill Stark. 2011. Schoolies get what they want: Booze and risky sex. [ONLINE] Available at: <http://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/schoolies-get-what-they-want-booze-and-risky-sex-20111112-1nd2c.html&gt; [Accessed 18 March 14].

mamamia. 2013. The media are talking about this like It’s a disaster. But its not all bad.. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.mamamia.com.au/parenting/schoolies-buying-morning-pill-think/. [Accessed 17 March 14]


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