Meet me! (and my pup) #INTRO

Howdy fellow #BCM110 bloggers! Yes I’m a bit late to jump on the band wagon, but i made it here which is the main thing.

My name is Emily which I’m sure you could have assumed by my username, and I’m currently undergoing a Bachelor of journalism/bachelor of communications and media studies at… wait for it… yep you guessed it- UOW! I live in Camden, or more specifically Mount Annan which can be slightly daunting having to drive down the coast every day, but I’m enjoying it so far!

I’d love to ideally become a Magazine editor or designer one day which is why I’m studying these courses.

I suppose you could day I’m a typical 18 year old girl who loves food, my dog Tiffany (refer to image below), fashion, sleeping, instagram, the gym and my friends. Oh and did I mention sleeping?

I am not very tall.

I like to keep busy (which is probably why I have 3 jobs as well as studying a double degree).

I don’t think I’m funny or whity, or a genius of any sort which probably won’t come in handy during my four and half years (sigh) here at uni, but I’ll try my best to fake it!

I’d like to think of myself as perhaps creative, amusing, determined and a good person. Oh and charming of course.

I’ve broken 6 bones in my body. None of which have a thrilling story behind it which doesn’t make for Β an interesting conversation starter.

I think thats all from me today. Enjoy this cute pic of my puppy who I’m infactuated with.Β Image


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